White Matcha


White Matcha

Created from stone ground White Tea leaves, everything about this Matcha is delicate, from the color to the aroma, just like the leaves that it is created from. The aroma of this Matcha starts off with a gentle blend of lettuce, paper, a touch of floral and a touch of fruity. It is very similar to the aroma of Bai Mu Dan (a White Tea) but with a bit more fruit. Once the Matcha has been whisked the aroma of fruit goes from being a background smell to a much more prominent note, with a blend of peaches and cherry. This sweetness is joined with a touch of honeysuckle, raw honey, and a bit of fresh vegetation and lettuce.

Drinking this delicate Matcha is quite a treat, it starts out sweet like honeysuckles and fresh cherries. This sweetness lingers through the entire sipping experience and leaves a fruity sweet aftertaste. In the mid-taste there is a hint of vegetal, blending subtle notes of kale and lettuce. White Matcha is incredibly smooth and quite enjoyable.

If you want to take a nontraditional approach then you are in luck, because White Matcha also makes a very tasty latte! Like the whisked, hot version, you still keep the sweetness and smoothness, but thanks to the milk you get an extra boost of richness. The taste is floral sweet and nutty with a tiny hint of lettuce. Good with or without added sweeteners.

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  • 30g 
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