Strawberries & Cream Matcha


 100% Pure Matcha

Ceremonial Grade

Natural Flavors

Artificial Coloring



MSG/Chemical Additives

Nothing can be more alluring than the idea of strawberries & cream. Strawberries, one of the most romantic fruits together with rich frothy cream in this sweet, yet sexy matcha tea blend. You can relax and enjoy a spa sensation with this matcha, or share with a loved one. On the other hand, you may have to fight the youngsters for claim to this blend because they will love it too! Good hot, better iced, or cold, it tastes like a strawberry milkshake, especially when made latte style.

Our matcha tea is made with the best handpicked European strawberries. When combined with a creamy backdrop you will find yourself closer to bliss with each sip. The strawberry is known to have many medicinal qualities including teeth whitening properties for a brilliant smile! What more can you ask for beyond decedent flavor and white teeth, especially when each sip will bring forth an ear to ear grin!

Price: $9.99

  • 30g 
  • 100g  (Save $13)

  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Imperial (China) Add $2.99
  • Imperial (China) Add $9.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $2.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $9.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $2.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $9.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $3.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $3.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $5.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $19.99

  • Delicate 
  • Delicate 
  • Distinctive  Add $2.99
  • Distinctive  Add $6.99
  • Robust  Add $3.99
  • Robust  Add $9.99


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