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Classic Matcha - Developing the Taste

Matcha tea is well known the world over as the tea for the opulent. This is true given its rigorous processing and top notch taste. Despite this, Matcha can be taken by everyone who wants to begin developing the palate for this galaxy of fine exotic teas. Since it may be difficult to adapt to its new taste easily, the best place to start is with regular Classic Matcha. This Matcha is the starting point for people who want to join the class of Matcha nutritional drink foods.

For those who have never tried Matcha and are apprehensive about whether it will suit their palate, Classic Matcha helps slowly build in the striking Matcha taste. Furthermore, this Matcha is much more economical than its more expensive counterparts. Given the Matcha reputation for first-rate health teas, this makes a good return on investment. It can also be taken by the whole family since it helps all family members boost their personal health.

  •  Classic Matcha is an adaptable drink that can be taken either hot or cold. This means that it can be drank on hot spring or summer days/nights or the cooler autumn or winter days/nights.
  • This tea also lends its special flavor to other treats like ice cream, shakes or even yoghurts.
  • It can be blended into most dishes including baking to add an interesting twist to normal tasting food.
  • The green color that Matcha provides is a great incentive for those who want healthy looking food that blends naturally into its environment.
  • Matcha has plenty of antioxidants that assist the body in its constant fight against disease and harmful toxins.
  • It makes a great bedside companion for those still recovering from various illnesses and ailments that have weakened them.
  • It is excellent for those who want to lose weight because it is very low in calories and cholesterol.

Price: $7.99

  • Small - 30g
  • Large - 60g (Save 50%)
  • 2 x Large + 1 Small FREE  (Save 60%)
  • 3 x Large + 1 Large FREE  (Save 70%)


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