Sea Buckthorn Matcha


Sea Buckthorn Matcha

 100% Pure Matcha

Ceremonial Grade

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Sea Buckthorn Matcha – Feeling Vividly Alive

Sea buckthorn has its origins in the high Eastern hills of India, Russia and China. This hardy plant can also be credited for checking the soil erosion within the mountainous climate it is grown on. It also grows in great abundance and provides a steady source of revenue for its local farmers. Sea buckthorn has been well documented in Eastern folklore as having very many remedial benefits from past times as long ago as the 18th century.

Since it is high in acid, giving it a naturally tangy taste, blending it with light Matcha to form Sea Buckthorn Matcha gives drinkers an exotic tea that is rich in Eastern mystism and a deep vibrant aroma. It can make an excellent social drink that can be taken for any ordinary or special occasion. Furthermore, Sea Buckthorn Matcha is a very reliable vitality drink that is rich in antioxidants and has many other health boosting properties.  These health benefits are;

  • It is richer in vitamins C and E than many other traditional fruits. These essential vitamins are the stepping stones to a more robust auto immune system.
  • It is an excellent replenishing drink for cancer victims undergoing chemotherapy. This is because it allows the quick rebuilding of the bone marrow during recovery.
  • Sea Buckthorn Matcha is also excellent for those with obesity issues. It is known to reduce the consequent effects of heart disease.
  • It can be used to treat most kinds of ulcers in the intestinal tract because it keeps them from getting inflamed.
  • It is a protector of the liver especially for alcohol abusers who are in danger of getting liver cirrhosis.
  • It is the perfect skin tonic for many skin diseases. It also has special properties that blend into the skin to fortify it.

Sea Buckthorn Matcha is a light tasty drink that provides the unique taste of the East in any social setting.

Price: $9.99

  • 30g 
  • 100g  (Save $13)

  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Imperial (China) Add $2.99
  • Imperial (China) Add $9.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $2.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $9.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $2.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $9.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $3.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $3.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $5.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $19.99

  • Delicate 
  • Delicate 
  • Distinctive  Add $2.99
  • Distinctive  Add $6.99
  • Robust  Add $3.99
  • Robust  Add $9.99


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