Royal Matcha


Royal Matcha

 100% Pure Matcha

Artificial Coloring



MSG/Chemical Additives

Royal Matcha’s color is a beautiful contrast, it manages to be vibrantly green yet slightly pale, similar to the way new growth leaves look in early spring. The aroma is also very reminiscent of spring time with notes of fresh vegetation, leafy vegetables, and just a touch of creamy sweetness at the finish. Adding the powdered green tea to water and giving it a vigorous whisking will bring out a yeasty sweetness that highlights the strong green aroma. It is a wonderful blend of sweet notes and grass.

The taste of this Matcha starts off a bit bitter green, like fresh kale, but that quickly fades to a sweetness that has notes of yeasty sweet bread and honeysuckle nectar. The sweetness is quite intense, almost surprisingly so after such a vegetal beginning.

If you prefer a more nontraditional take on Matcha, a latte might be right up your alley. Mixing with milk and sweetener you are greeted with a drink that rich and sweet with notes of fresh grass, hay, and chestnuts. There is a bit of a bitter green at the finish, adding an interesting depth.

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