Royal Matcha Tea


Royal Matcha

 100% Pure Matcha

Natural Flavors

Artificial Coloring



MSG/Chemical Additives

137 times more antioxidants than any other green tea!

Enjoy the splendor, color and intoxicating smell of Royal Matcha green tea. Let its beautiful hue and lovely scent invigorate your senses.

This really is a royal tea of green tea leaves ground by granite to make a fine powder for your enjoyment and is easily prepared. Its stone ground preparation also affords it all the nutrition it naturally possesses without compromise making it one of the highest quality teas available.

Royal Matcha is the greenest of all green teas and has a lovely jade hue. It is used for tea ceremonies which date back to twelfth century Japan, where it has been an integral part of the Japanese culture and lifestyle. This royal tea will wow you with its subtle sweetness, easy preparation and nutrient richness.

The nutritional benefits of Royal Matcha tea are many, which is why the Japanese people have such a long life expectancy. It offers the health benefits of L-theanine which increases energy without caffeine jitters, improves mental alertness, reduces stress and increases calmness. It's super antioxidant richness provides you with the natural anti-aging activity, boosts metabolic rate and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Not only that, Royal Matcha tea contains cancer-fighting and cancer-preventative nutrients (polyphenols and catechins). Due to high levels of dietary fiber which are easily absorbed by the body, it minimizes the symptoms of PMS and relieves constipation.

And that is not all! Royal Matcha stabilizes blood sugar levels, has anti-biotic and anti-viral qualities, as well as the ability to detoxify blood. With all these amazing benefits, all you need is to drink a cup of Red Leaf Tea's Royal Matcha tea everyday.

Not only is Royal Matcha loaded with nutrients, it has many uses as well. Traditionally, it is used in tea ceremonies in the Japanese culture. This versatile tea can be used for so many different occasions. It is an excellent accompaniment to any meal or dessert and just as good as a dessert itself. Served hot, it makes the perfect "stay well" winter drink. Served chilled, its tastiness can give you needed energy for those fun summer days.

It is a wonderful sweet drink for children for any time of day. They will never know how much health they are drinking in just one tasty cup. There really is not any occasion for which Royal Matcha cannot and should not be used. Overall, Royal Matcha can liven up or calm down any special occasion or leisure activity.

Red Leaf Tea's Royal Matcha is made from the finest quality young green tea leaves harvested in Japan. It is finely ground by stone to retain all the nutrients it has naturally and the retain is astringent yet sweet taste. Red Leaf Tea's Royal Matcha has superior taste, kosher qualities and is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients that can only be found in natural, Japanese Royal Matcha tea.

Red Leaf Tea's Royal Matcha matches the quality of traditional Japanese Matcha and exceeds the quality of other Matcha teas sold by other companies. It surpasses the less-nutritious Matcha teas that are cheaply manufactured with inferior green tea leaves grown in other countries that can have metals and other contaminants from soil.

As the world's healthiest tea, Royal Matcha is unique, beautiful, nutrient-rich and the best anyone can drink. Red Leaf Tea strives to keep it that way as the healthiest, most unique and in its most natural form. Drink Red Leaf Tea's Royal Matcha Green tea and enjoy uncompromised health, amazing taste and color and simply the best cup of Royal Matcha you can find.

Because it is stone ground, preparation is simple for a hot cup or on ice. Enjoy the bounty of nutrition and tasty sweetness of this wonderful tea.

Red Leaf Tea's Royal Matcha is unparalleled in quality and taste and offers all the health benefits you expect and deserve from such a high quality tea.


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