Red Matcha


Red Matcha

Red Matcha is an interesting, and caffeine free, spin on traditional Matcha. Made from stone ground African Rooibos leaves, this vibrantly rust-red powder makes for an equally vibrant drink. The aroma is very sweet and woody, with notes of caramel, hay, and sumac, it has a sharpness to it that is refreshing. Once the Matcha is mixed with water the sharpness fades and is replaced with a mellow woodiness that is similar to fresh bamboo, there is also a distinct caramel sweetness that lingers.

If you are preparing this Matcha traditionally, it has a beautiful foam with the color being reminiscent of a sunset. The taste is sweet, like caramel but with an extra creaminess and a touch of honey. There is also the expected woodiness, it is subtle and smooth. As with non-powdered Rooibos, there is a dry mouthfeel, but it is smoother. It is hard to believe, but as the Matcha cools it becomes even sweeter with stronger honey notes.

As a latte, Red Matcha is nothing short of dessert! There is no need for sugar in this naturally sweet latte. The notes of caramel, honey, and hay come through very clear and blend perfectly with milk’s creaminess. There is a slight hint of woodiness that adds a down-to-earth feel to this colorful latte.

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