Green Apple Matcha


 100% Pure Matcha

Ceremonial Grade

Natural Flavors

Artificial Coloring



MSG/Chemical Additives

Green apple matcha is a delightful energy drink that has the unforgettable apple appeal and the fine velvety matcha lightness. This drink is ideal as a cold drink for many social occasions where people need to sample a delicious herbal tea that reminds them of everyday benefits. In addition, it can also be taken as a hot brew in those cold winter nights, accompanied by an exciting book or just quietly thinking of life's twists and turns.

Green apple matcha, with its deep green color and tangy fruity taste, reminds it many drinkers of the excellent goodness of herbal teas. Its fruity flavor also lends its appeal to many social gatherings where the fine advantages of imbibing a natural apple-based drink can be fully enjoyed and lastingly appreciated. Green apple matcha stands in a class of its own as far as great tasting herbal teas are concerned.

For those who want to include the long lasting taste and visual appeal of the apple fruit, green apple matcha is their answer in a beverage. This exquisite tasting tea can be appreciated by all age groups because it borders on sweet, with a touch of tanginess for that lingering green apple delight.

Price: $9.99

  • 30g 
  • 100g  (Save $13)

  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Imperial (China) Add $2.99
  • Imperial (China) Add $9.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $2.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $9.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $2.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $9.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $3.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $3.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $5.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $19.99

  • Delicate 
  • Delicate 
  • Distinctive  Add $2.99
  • Distinctive  Add $6.99
  • Robust  Add $3.99
  • Robust  Add $9.99


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