Cola Matcha


 100% Pure Matcha

Ceremonial Grade

Natural Flavors

Artificial Coloring



MSG/Chemical Additives

The unique Cola Matcha can be used to make most foods and drinks acquire an interesting adventurous twist. Its deep albeit slightly sweet taste leaves many people both mystified and compelled to enjoy more. This special flavor has no equal and can be used in any occasion to make an exceptional impact on its various audiences both big and small. This flavor relies on its much loved status in the world to entice its enthusiasts to appreciate its unique offerings in the world of refreshments.

Cola Matcha stands in a class of its own as far as delectable taste and universal appeal is concerned. Its enticing appeal draws both old and young together for both ordinary and extra ordinary occasions. Since its taste range is far reaching and exciting, it provides a place for many different palates. Its lasting lingering appeal makes it both unforgettable and special for most people.

Price: $9.99

  • 30g 
  • 100g  (Save $13)

  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Imperial (China) Add $2.99
  • Imperial (China) Add $9.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $2.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $9.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $2.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $9.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $3.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $3.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $5.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $19.99

  • Delicate 
  • Delicate 
  • Distinctive  Add $2.99
  • Distinctive  Add $6.99
  • Robust  Add $3.99
  • Robust  Add $9.99


On Sale
Bamboo Matcha Scoop $4.99
On Sale
Bamboo Matcha Whisk $15.99
Tin $3.99

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