Banana Matcha


Banana Matcha

The well loved banana is grown in many types found in most tropical climates. The banana fruit is vanilla colored and in its powder forms gives it the sweet enriching taste that bananas are well respected for. Adding Matcha to banana powder can give it an interesting twist and a flavor that is sweet light and out of this world.

Banana Matcha makes a truly nutritious drink with its lingering deep taste and imperceptible smell. This special beverage can be taken as both a hot or cold drink depending on the occasion. It can also be taken as an aperitif or with food at meal times. Furthermore, Banana Matcha provides its delighted drinkers with health benefits that linger as long as the drink is taken. These include;

  • Adding the necessary fiber to aid the body in proper bowel movement.
  • Adding vitamin C, B6, manganese and potassium.
  • Aiding body organs like the heart in its blood pumping activities.
  • Keeping the nervous system in ticking order by enhancing proper muscle contraction and movement.
  • Helping the kidneys flush toxins from the body.
  • Retaining calcium in the bones for fortified bone mass and reducing the risk of developing bone disorders.
  • Assuring that the blood has a regular supply of hemoglobin to keep it oxygenated.
  • Ensuring that the body has an adequate supply of antibodies to help it fight diseases.
  • Keeping blood sugar levels at optimum by ensuring carbohydrates are broken down into glucose.
  • Delaying the development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Keeping the temperament and mood stable by ensuring the production of mood-boosting serotonin in the body.
  • Excellent for boosting the stool of growing children and encouraging bowel movements thus keeping constipation and diarrhea at bay.

Price: $9.99

  • 30g 
  • 100g  (Save $13)

  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Private Reserve A23 (Japan)
  • Imperial (China) Add $2.99
  • Imperial (China) Add $9.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $2.99
  • Private Reserve B27 (Japan) Add $9.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $2.99
  • White Matcha (Taiwan) Add $9.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $3.99
  • Connoisseur's Matcha (China) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $3.99
  • Private Reserve C26 (Japan) Add $14.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $5.99
  • Private Reserve D25 (Japan) Add $19.99

  • Delicate 
  • Delicate 
  • Distinctive  Add $2.99
  • Distinctive  Add $6.99
  • Robust  Add $3.99
  • Robust  Add $9.99


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