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When you want to partake of Mother Nature’s green tea excellence, nothing comes close to Matcha tea in special taste and unforgettable lasting health benefits. Red Leaf Tea is proud to be associated with the widest assortment of exotic Matcha teas availed at budget prices. Among all the first rate green teas, Matcha stands in a class of its own in terms of its lasting fiber value into any diet and also its top notch antioxidant performance. It makes the ideal hot or cold family beverage.

Matcha releases its rejuvenating bounty through it young fresh succulent tea leaves. Other Matcha benefits include; adding vitality and vigor, including roughage into the diet, keeping illness at bay, controlling weight gain, combating cancer, purifying the blood, controlling blood sugar, increasing antioxidants, adding important minerals and vitamins into the body and generally keeping the mood in a pleasant delighted state.

Red Leaf Teas is an excellent custodian for the Matcha Tea family and always ensures that any Matcha is stored and delivered fresh, tasty, nutritious and at the right price. This is the Red Leaf quality guarantee which cannot be found anywhere else.  

Once you go Matcha, you NEVER go back!

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