Handcrafted Tea

From the heart of China comes our newest tea experience, the Handmade Teas of Yunan and Fujian! The Chinese villagers of these provinces have long enjoyed rolling and shaping their tea leaves into pellets and a few other shapes, usually to extend shelf life. Under the influence of modern stylists, the wonderful new technique of weaving green tea into stars, grains of wheat, and even calabashes has exploded on the Chinese mainland! We are one of the nation's first and largest importers of these fanciful new handcrafted tea styles. Composed primarily of green tea, our Handmade Teas are notable for their strong flavors. The use of rolling and shaping to keep the leaves fresh has always worked beautifully, and now you too can enjoy this ancient technique in a fresh, modern design! Try our website soon and order a few Handmade leaves today!

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