FREE Matcha? Sure!

FREE Matcha

Rules for participating in the perpetual FREE MATCHA treat

We believe that word of mouth is the best way to let people know about our great Matcha tea collection and those who would like to participate should be rewarded.

All you need to do to qualify for FREE Matcha is to:

Step 1. Purchase any Matcha tea, size is up to you.

Purchase of 1 Matcha is a must. After all, how can you review it if you have never tried it, right?

Step 2. Post a short, one sentance minimum review on our site.

Just let us and others know what you think.

Step 3. Make a post in your favorite social media site like Facebook, Twitter or other, with a link to this product or post a review at Amazon.com for this product.

Amazon Review note: Since links on Amazon are not allowed, we do not require one there. Please also do NOT mention options like flavor strengh or Matcha quality since those options are not available at Amazon.

Step 4. Now the hardest. Write a review about this product.

Write 200 words or more and get $15.00 credit towards your next Matcha, any Matcha.

Review must contain a link back to the product detail page where Matcha is displayed. Please write an original review content on any relevant food category site.

Link Sample:

Preferred:  .....and their White Matcha is of the best quality.....

OK: .....and their White Matcha is of the best quality.....and it can be found here:



That's all !! Once you send us a link for verification, we'll issue you a special coupon code to be used to get your FREE Matcha.

Next? Repeat!!!

The beauty of this is that you only pay for the first Matcha and others are free!!! There is no limit to how many times you can qualify for FREE Matcha. 5?, 10?, 20? Up to you. Pay for one, get the rest of them FREE !!!

Well! What are you waiting for?



New information:

Please note that the promo will end on 10/14/12. Reviews received after this date will not be rewarded under the program. All issued Gift Certificates must be used by 10/21/12 or they will be expired.


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04/30/2012, 12:00 AM

"Wow, I wish I knew about Matcha years ago!"

03/25/2012, 12:00 AM

"and you send to Brazil?
I would buy, and publicize it here in Brazil, where green tea is famous, but the royal matcha is almost unknown."

03/25/2012, 12:00 AM

"Yes, we do ship Matcha tea everywhere, Brazil included :-)"

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