Discounts for Reviewers

Each review will be rewarded with $15 Reviewer's Gift Certificate*, which can cover 30% of your orders's total purchase price**.


What you need to qualify:

Step 1. Purchase any Matcha tea, size is up to you.

Purchase of 1 Matcha is a must. After all, how can you review it if you have never tried it, right?

Step 2. Post a short, one sentence minimum review on our site.

Just let us and others know what you think.

Step 3. Make a post in your favorite social media site like Facebook, Twitter or other, with a link to this product.

Step 4. Now the hardest.  Write 200+ words review of this product

Review must contain a link back to the product detail page where Matcha is displayed. Please write original review content on any relevant food category site like Steepster.com or similar.

Link Sample:


 .....and their White Matcha is of the best quality.....

Also Accepted:

.....and their White Matcha is of the best quality.....and it can be found here:



That’s all!!!


After that just send us this form found below for verification.

Review Submission Form


Next? Repeat!!!

There is no limit to how many times you can qualify. Each review will earn you $15 in Reviewer's Gift Certificate.



* The Reviewer's Gift Certificate has no cash value and can be applied only towards purchases of Matcha Teas at www.RedLeafTea.com

** The Gift Certificate can be applied only towards regular priced products; it excludes Matcha teas on Special/Sale.



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