About Red Leaf Tea

Who are we?

Simply put, we are the number 1 exotic tea provider out there. But how did we get where we are today? By making a few mistakes along the way. Red Leaf Tea was established in 2008 with the concept of providing a trusted source of unique and exotic teas.  Up until 2009 we were still making mistakes as any new company would. However we are now running a smooth cup of tea. Don’t worry, we are still a very small company so we won’t be taking our eye off the ball any time soon. We do not have stockholders to satisfy, only customers. These things take time, just like our high quality products. 

What do we do?

We’ve told you what we’ve done up until 2009. So let’s move on.

In 2010 our main focus was to create the largest Earl Grey tea collection out there. We did get sidelined for a while as our newborn daughter Marta stole the show however we got there in the end. Have a look at our collection and you will see what we mean. Better still read through our reviews.

Year 2011 is all about Matcha tea. Our goal is to provide you the largest selection of Matcha tea available in one place. I think we have succeded.

It is year 2012 and we continue our work on perfecting our collection of flavored Matcha teas. So far we have found a new supplier that allows us not only to sell higher quality Matcha teas, but our prices have been lowered as well. At this time we are working on getting the perfect flavor balance and expending our selection of flavored Matcha tea. As of now we have reached number 60! Quite an accomplishment and we are very proud.

Why should you trust us?

We not only get high quality teas but we also get high quality suppliers. This is a key ingredient in being able to offer high quality products. So many stores have closed and the fact that our sales keep slowly increasing is a true testament to our quality, reliability and secure online shopping features.

Our site is now totally secure for taking credit card payments and your details will never be sold on.

You can talk to us

We welcome all suggestions and comments that you might have. The good ones make us proud, the bad ones help us improve.